Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds

Large Company Advantages,
Small Company Abilities

We realize you have many options for taking care of your fire and life safety systems. One option includes working directly with local, self-performing vendors in order to build relationships and receive a high level of service. Unfortunately, managing all of those relationships and the inconsistencies can be cumbersome. Another option is to work with a large, sub-contracting partner who excels in national account management, however, they may not be able to offer the best results in the field with regard to accountability and communication. Both of these options have strengths and weaknesses, and choosing one over the other can mean sacrificing something that is important to your organization.

At APi National Service Group, we have given our customers a way to take advantage of both. With branch offices located all over the US, we provide each of your facilities with a familiar face; someone from our family of companies you recognize and trust to perform inspections and service at a consistently high level. We also provide you with a dedicated team of experts who specialize in managing your fire and life safety program from end-to-end. This team handles all the day-to-day operations from implementing your account to continually delivering on service expectations 24/7.

We provide excellence in the fire and life safety industry, allowing our customers to focus on what is most important: their business. Contact APi National Service Group today to learn how your organization can benefit from partnering with us.

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